Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC)

The establishment of Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) was made after the abolition of Sarawak Stadium Corporation Ordinance 1972 (Ord. No. 1/72) and the Sarawak Stadium Corporation (Repeal) Ordinance 2007 (Cap. A 135). The SSC statutory ordinance will be the Sarawak Sports Corporation Ordinance 2009 that takes effect upon approval in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) on 13 May 2009.


SSC plays three key functions that are responsible for the management and maintenance of sports complexes and facilities, providing adequate facilities to the public and sports bodies. In addition, the SSC also takes over the development of sports, recommends to government policies and methodologies to improve sports quality, collaborate with all sports associations, conduct sports activities, manage administrative functions such as promoting sports complexes and facilities, conducting development and research and managing sports assets and inventory.


The SSC also targets five strategic themes and results: Sports Talent Development Excellence, Sports R & D Excellence, Sports Facilities & Infrastructure Excellence, Recognition & Performance Excellence and Sports Financing Excellence. To achieve that goal, the SSC ensures the supply of talent in vital sports to 2020, introducing innovative approaches to sports management, ensuring all sports are equipped with the latest facilities and 80 percent of sports association’s targeted activity is funded by 2020.